Analysis of the development of pure electric vehicles in the world

As a result of the sales mix of these vehicles, the gross profit of the automotive business was $1.222 billion, a 22% decrease from the $15.74 billion in 2018Q3 (so the importance of last year‘s high-priced Model 3), and 1.06 billion with Q2. The dollar increased by 20%. Taken together, under this sales mix, the gross profit margin of Q3‘s automotive business is 22.8% (208% for 2018Q3 and 18.9% for 2019Q2). In the final analysis, the investment and expense segment control is relatively good.
3) Recent expectations
It is mainly based on the market growth of China and Europe, and the results of the launch of new products in the United States. The trial production of the Model 3 model in Shanghai has begun, ahead of schedule. This can be seen in the second revision, and it is expected that the news will be filled with China from now on. Today, my friend told me that the new energy passenger car‘s 1-20 day certificate in October has a year-on-year growth rate of -39%, and July-September corresponds to -18%, -25%, -27%. In October, it should be The data is relatively poor. Subsidy subsidies and Tesla with a wave of aura to make a strong effort in the country, I really do not know about this momentum.
In the United States, it is mainly to look at products that meet the needs of the US market. Model 3 alone has reached its peak. The production of the odel Y model is also ahead of schedule and is currently expected to be launched in the summer of 2020. Tesla plans to produce a limited number of Tesla Semis in 2020 and hopes to announce the location of the European super-factory soon and to start production in 2021.
4) Can other electric vehicles of the car company stand up?
Before Tesla’s earnings report, many people in the past few days generally suspected that the following things could be done. Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess said in an interview that although the development of electric vehicles requires huge investment, it will not affect The overall profitability of Volkswagen. In my personal judgment, Volkswagen‘s continued preparation for electric vehicles is a certain basis, but whether this huge process of quantity is as smooth as expected, it depends on whether the profit of bicycles can guarantee this process, and the market will not accept the pricing of the public. .